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Laundry Powder

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Some of the common/harsh ingredients included in laundry detergents today are bleach, ammonia, phosphorus, and other strong chemicals. These are toxic substances which can irritate your eyes, skin, and lungs. Aside from being able to help the environment, you will also feel a lot more safer handling green products. No harsh chemicals, or animal products; vegan friendly, pure, gentle, and natural.

Our natural handmade laundry powder is made with 4 simple ingredients.

  • Organic coconut soap- which is natural and yet super cleansing.
  • Sodium Bi-carbonate- neutralizes odor causing acids, breaks down proteins and stains, and softens water to enhance detergent’s effectiveness.
  • Sodium Carbonate- helps to remove grease and stains & balances the pH level of water to enhance detergent’s effectiveness.
  • Essential Oil- Adds a fresh scent to your wash.

Add 1-3tablespoon of laundry powder per load depending on size of load.

This soap can also be used for safely pre-treating stains and can also be mixed with water in advance of washing if you prefer a liquid laundry soap.

Safe for baby's laundry and for all machines including HE machines.

600gms for approximately- 44 loads.

Scents available:

  • Unscented: Baby clothes or sensitive skin
  • Lavender: calming, relaxing
  • Lemon: energizing and disinfecting

Can be paired with our oxygen bleach as a
- laundry booster
- removing clothes stain
- brighten white clothes